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Dazzle Dry Nail Polish

Cristina DiazComment

My trial with Dazzle Dry nail polish is a successful one.  As a hairstylist and a mom, working with people, kids and dishes all day everyday, nail polish doesn't usually last maybe more then a couple of days.  It usually gets chipped and doesn't look very attractive for other people to see or even for me to enjoy.  A client one day told me about the amazing manicure she received while she was on vacation and found out that the company was based right here in Chandler, AZ.  I love trying new things and this was something I had to try.  So I went and I purchased some.  I proceeded to follow the steps exactly, as they guarantee it for 10 days if you follow the directions.   One it says it drys in 5 minutes, which I'll tell you I was a bit skeptical.  But, it totally did!!!  I did my toes first and realized I had to run and get the girls so it was put to the test.  Socks and shoes didn't mess them up one bit.  Next, I did my finger nails and in the picture below, I've had them for a week. I don't think they look to shabby for a weeks worth of work, housework and just daily life.  I'm going to keep trying the product and next have the girls wear it, as they swim three times a week and just being active teenagers.  Keep following to see how it wears on them.