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Trying the Keto Way of Eating

Cristina DiazComment

So last week I have officially started eating the Keto way.  It's something that I started a while ago and found it somewhat successful.  Never really staying on it as life as a working mother can sometimes get a "tad" overwhelming.  My goal this time is to keep on it for at least 8 weeks as summer is quickly approaching.  I feel the way you eat has a lot to do with how you feel, look and move about with your daily life.  

The Keto way of eating is where you have your daily food intake is more fat, then protein and minimal carbs.  We're talking under 10% of carbs.  There's websites/apps that offer a Keto calculator that with some of your information can give you a calorie goal and percentages on what you're looking to work on.  

Now don't get me wrong....  I LOVE carbs!  I just know that carbs right now make me feel bloated; and at the awesome age of 40 it adds weight.  Now when I was younger and before having my gorgeous girls I could wipe out a whole container of my all time favorite chips a'hoy cookies.

As I workout I'm looking at cookbooks and meal plans to keep me ahead of schedule.  As a working, busy mom I need to know ahead what I'm having or else I can get extremely "hangry"!  So I try and at least plan the day or 2 ahead because with our schedule things can change in a matter of hours to a day.  Some good resources I have found are my go to's at the moment are  Pinterest, Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit, and Taste-a-holics websites.  

My goal is to come on here every Sunday to let you know how my journey is going.  Now the girls don't need to eat this way and won't follow such a plan.  I cook the same types of foods (so I don't have to make multiple meals), but I also add sides like rice, potatoes, noodles for them.  I will let you know how my body adjusts to it and if it seems to be working.  I will share this and my meals on my instagram stories if you'd like to know what I eat.  I'm not a nutritionist,  it's something I'm willing to try to get to where I hope to be and feel healthier.  

Let me know if you've tried this and how it's worked for you or if you're looking to try something new.