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Amika Hair Products

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Not only do I love trying new products to share with my followers, but I also try products to share with my clients.  Not to long ago I finally got my hands on Amika's hair products and slowly I've been trying products that I know would benefit different hair types and textures.  These are just a few that I've been loving and using somewhat daily on myself.

* Phantom - hydrating dry shampoo foam: This is a dry shampoo in a mousse form, which I was highly intrigued with.  Most dry shampoos are spray and you spray them at your roots to give you volume, texture and get rid of the "oily" look.  This you apply in your hands like a mousse and apply it to the root.  Now I've used this and I can tell you that it is a bit gritty feeling but it gives it what you need.  Your hair doesn't feel to slick and wet and I usually put my hair in a bun or ponytail so it gives it a bit of a textured look.

*The Wizard - detangling primer: This detangler work like a miracle!  When my hair is curly and I have to come it out to put it in another style I can spray some of this and use a wet brush and it glides all the tangles out.  I've even used this on kids hair and adults whom get very knotty hair.   

*Fluxus - touchable hairspray:  Hairspray I feel like is personal preference.  I like hairspray that holds, but doesn't leave white flakes or leaves your hair crunchy.  I can use this hairspray and it holds for the day leaving no white flakes.  It also comes out later in the day or following day with no problem.  This is one of two hairsprays that I truly enjoy.  

*Curl Corps - defining cream:  I'm always looking for a good curl cream.  The girls and I have different curl types, but on the occasion I like to leave my hair down and curly I want my hair to look curly and not frizz.  This is a great curl cream.  It has a great hold and again I don't like crunchy hair like back in the 80's/90's.  It leaves them soft and not frizzy.  

Oh...and look at this packaging!  I love how colorful it is!

If you're interested in these products let me know and we can set up an order.  S