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My Running/Workout Essentials

Cristina DiazComment

Running and working out is something that I enjoy to do.  This is my me time and I love to do it as often as I can.  With the hustle and bustle of kids/work and life I know that doing this everyday can be a challenge but it's still one of my goals to do on the daily.  

I started really getting into this back in 2011 when I had more time to myself since the girls were in school full time.  I decided to start by running since I knew I could go at whatever time.  I started running in the neighborhood by just a quarter mile and kept working my way up.  When I was beginning to be consistent I joined the gym and began with some classes.  

Going through this process of working out I met people and learned what to start wearing that works for me.  I know that I love running and working out in a tank top and shorts/skort.  I've learned that using the right socks can help from not getting blisters and black toe nails (I know, right!) and I've learned that as a runner you should get fitted and find the right shoe for you to avoid all kinds of different injuries.

From head to toe I'll list some of my favorite essentials and add a link.

1.  Visor/Hat.  I'm a goto visor girl, but I know most like to wear hats.  I usually only wear on when I run outside.  For me a visor not only blocks away the sun on those really bright AZ days but also collects the sweat.  

2.  Running/Athletic Tank.  I have purchased tank tops from a range of prices and I prefer the look fitting ones for this time of year and they have to be dry-fit or moisture wicking fabric.  

3.  Athletic Shorts/Skort.  Spring/Summer time runs I need to wear shorts/skorts.  I usually look  everywhere and anywhere for these.  I have liked wearing Nike and Head skorts and Nike shorts.  I also have found the Oiselle has a pair that I love to wear as well.

4.  Socks.  I found the perfect socks to run and workout in.  They're moisture wicking and will last you a long time.  I've even turned family members to wear these when they workout.  Running and working out I like the R-Gear Drymax no show socks but they have different ones you can choose your preference.  For running long and races I always seemed to get chin splints so I started wearing compression socks.  My goto for these are the Pro-Compression brand.  They're not only functional but come in fun colors and designs.   

5.  Shoes.  Reading up on running sites when I first started I knew I had to invest in a good pair of shoes.  I knew that I didn't want any injuries or black toe nails, etc that you can get from improper shoes.  I've tried a few and finally found my choice that I enjoy to wear.  When working out I choose a shoe that's comfortable with support as well.  

6.  Watch/App.  I started off using the Nike app when running and I though it worked just fine.  Now there are so many apps that you can choose from for walking, running and working out.  For my runs now I use a Garmin watch; there's so many to choose from for different levels of trainings.  Choose the right one for you.