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Teens and Skincare

Cristina DiazComment
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I'm a believer that you take care of you have and it will last longer.  That goes with anything...  

I'm a product junkie and I love trying new things and letting people know what my opinion is.  I know that not everything I try will work on the next.  As my girls get older and they've become teenagers I tell them you have to take care not only of your health but also your skin.  So we started looking at products that would work best for them.  First stop we went to was Ulta!  You can pretty  much go there and find any low to high end in products.  

We went through the aisles and started comparing products.  We came across this product Formula 10.0.6 and what's nice is they have a travel/starter pack.  It has everything that they needed.  As a mother/parent I always look for a kit or everything that they need in one spot and I thought this was a perfect first time deal.  So we bought it.  

Both girls have used it and besides the occasional hormonal breakout their face has been clear.  So as they continued using it and wanting to re-purchase they decided to try some of the other products in the line like the micellar cleansing water, spray toner, and multiple masks.  It's gentle on their skin and has worked on some problematic areas like one mask deals with black/whiteheads.  It's fun for them as they smell good as well as helps their skin.  Right now this is working for them and I'm sure we'll find other products to try, but why not give it a go.  

I don't think that your ever too young to start taking proper care of your skin.  What better time to start your teens/tweens on a daily skincare routine.  Formula 10.0.6 also has many products to choose from that you can pick and choose what's right for your daughter/son.  Don't forget to remind your daughters if they wear makeup to remove it before bed.  That's one thing I know even adults have a hard time doing.